Rava Ladoo

Quantity: 16 ladoos   Preparation time: 10 minutes   Cooking time: 30 minutes


250-300ml of rava/sooji

20 whole cashews

50ml of coconut powder

50ml of condensed milk

2tbsp of sugar

3tbsp ghee


  • Heat the pan, add ghee. Once ghee melts, add rava/sooji and chopped cashews. Roast in medium flame until colour changes, but not so dark brown, but light brown Approx 20 minutes


  • Add powdered coconut and roast for couple of minutes. If you are having fresh coconut, dry roast the grate coconut first and then add instead of powdered coconut


  • Turn off the gas, mix condensed milk, and add sugar as per your taste. At this stage it will be dry and sticky


  • Add 5-7 tbsp of milk (room temperature), add slowly so that it binds the mixture together and doesn’t get soggy
  • Rub little ghee to your palm, and make into small balls. Store it in air tight containers



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