Carrot Halwa

When I was working in Chennai, in our campus’s food court thee used to be a stall named “Gangotri”. During breaks when we go there, once I tried their Carrot Halwa and fell in love with it instantly. That’s the first time I had it. Since then wanted to try it at home 🙂 At last I did recently 🙂

Quantity: serves 2    Preparation time: 10 minutes    Cooking time: 1 hour (approx)


2 cups of grated carrot

4 cups of full fat milk

2 tbsp of ghee

2 cardamon pods

1/4th cup of condensed milk/sugar

Chopped cashew nuts/pistas/almonds


  • Grate the carrots


  • In a kadai, add ghee once its melted add the grated carrots for a minute or two until the color of the carrots change


  • Then add the whole milk, bring it to boil and keep the flame in medium. (Leave the ladle in the kadai itself, it will prevent milk from raising beyond a point)


  • Keep stirring and scraping the sides every 10-15 minutes once
  • Once the  milk is reduced to 75-80% add milkmaid/sugar and split cardamon pods, stir well. Let it cook in low flame.
  • After all milk is evaporated, if needed add  tbsp of ghee else mix it well and transfer it to a bowl and garnish it with chopped nuts.
  • It can served warm or refrigerate it to serve it cold.



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